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DaveDufresneMullins.jpg (86621 bytes)
David Dufresne of Salem Ohio sent this photo of his nicely restored 1929 Mullins Steel King powered by a 1954 Evinrude Fleetwin 7.5hp. Photo was taken at a Western Reserve Meet on the Portage Lakes near Akron, Ohio.
AdamNMe.jpg (134850 bytes)
Scott Smith of the 1000 Islands Chapter breaks a mirror surface with a 1946 Wizard WD4, with a little help from 7-year old Adam.
Thompson-K50.jpg (112232 bytes)
Here is a great shot of Michael Squier's 1931 Thompson 16' TVT lake boat powered by his very clean original 1930 Johnson K50. The boat has been in his family since it was new.  The passenger is Hobbes, his 11 year old German Shepherd.  Mike says once he's in the boat you can't get him out.
RonVaughn1935SeaKing492.jpg (28701 bytes)  RonVaughnMercKF7.jpg (17780 bytes)
Here are a couple of shots of Ron Vaughan Jr. running a couple of his family's motors.  On the left is a 1935 Sea King model #492, 8.5hp.  The motor has been in his family since new!  On the right is a 1950 Mercury KF7 with Ron at the helm.  And they say Mercs don't idle (or was it running one one cylinder?)
DadandtheMK25.jpg (112281 bytes)  DadRunning.jpg (126884 bytes)
Rick Eichrodt sent these shots of his Dad running their 1956 Mercury Mark 25 at the September 2000 MOB Wet Meet on Lake Webster in Indiana.
GoodhuePY.jpg (46402 bytes)
Wes Goodhue of Sea Island, Georgia, is shown here in his Penn Yan Swift/Evinrude Big Twin rig.
DavidDufresneEltoRuddertwin.jpg (66860 bytes)
AOMCI Western Reserve Chapter President David Dufresne of Salem, Ohio is shown playing around with a 1926 Elto Ruddertwin on a 1915 Mullins Outboard Special.
BrianMitschLittle1.jpg (53964 bytes)  BrianMitschBig1.jpg (57765 bytes)
What does a little guy with a big Merc grow up to be?  A big guy with a little Merc!  Brian Mitsch of Berlin Center, Ohio is shown at left in an old newspaper clipping with a Merc bigger than he is!  At right he's all grown up, still playing with Mercs - this one a KG7 on vintage utility.

p-piggyesidney.jpg (72642 bytes)  merx1.jpg (40546 bytes)
This beast is owned by Tom Glock of Cream Ridge, NJ.  The Miss P-Piggy is a Feathercraft Rocket, and it is powered by a 44 cui. Mercury hybrid.  Tom is still trying to get all the bugs worked out, but it ought to be a wild ride when it's done! (Boat photo by Geoff Martin, motor photo from Tom Glock).

howdeebdaddy.jpg (46174 bytes)
This little Picklefork hydro (Yale hull w/ Mercury25SS) is owned by Roger ( "Roger Rabbitt") Halbing of Barnegat, NJ. (Photos submitted by Tom Glock.)

hlcdcomingoin.jpg (73763 bytes)

Carl Despreaux of Cedar Grover, NJ, was caught coming and going by Tom Glock.  Carl's boat is a 1970s Staron B-Runabout powered by what looks like a Mercury KG7-H or Q.

HydroRace.jpg (71888 bytes)

This is a picture of Michael Squier of Chatham, NY making quick work of two modern Nissan motors with his 1951 Mercury KF7 on a 1960s Mini-Max speedster.

VidalDnphyJnsn.jpg (43222 bytes)

Frank Vidal sent this picture of his 1954 Dunphy, which he notes is 100% original!  Even has the matching 1954 Johnson Sea Horse 25hp!

This photo was sent in by Garry Spencer of Tampa, Florida. The gentleman in the photo is Chap Spencer. Chap was an engineer

1953_Fastwin_Introduction_small.jpg (1634 bytes)

with OMC. The photo was taken at the introduction of the 1953 Evinrude line and Chap is operating a brand new Super Fastwin.

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