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To all current members of the AOMCI. We are looking to add information to this section of our website for members in 2022. If you have any info you would like to share to this section sent it to our webmaster. Once info is sent in it will be subject to EC approval then added to The Inner Sanctum in the members only section.

  1. I am a member, I can’t find the inner sanctum section, Also what is the trick to using the search engine….most of the time it comes up with no results found

  2. To access The Inner Sanctum you need to 1st be logged in with your Active AOMCI Membership Account then go to our main website page you will see the main menu reading from left to right Home, Ask A Member, About, Events, Resources, Classifieds, Member Only….. At the Members Only hover your curser over the down arrow then select The Inner Sanctum that will take you to The Inner Sanctum section of our website for members only…

  3. On your search question this is a member only benefit also. To search all forums you 1st need to be logged in with your active AOMCI Membership Account then go to our main website page then at the Main Menu hover over down arrow at Members Only then select Active Member Forum once there look to the left you will see Forums under that is a box that states Enter Keyword this is where your enter your data then click Go and search will go for all our forums.

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