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“We are all aware of the impact the pandemic has had, and continues to have, on our meet schedules. It has also effected the delivery of The Antique Outboarder magazine. Many members have contacted the Executive Council regarding failure to receive back issues or the current January 2021 issue. The Executive Council has ordered additional copies of the April and July 2020 magazine for those who did not receive one or both of those issues. We are currently monitoring delivery of the January 2021 issue to determine if additional copies of that issue are required. It seems members are receiving the January 2021 issues but at a much later date than usual. The Executive Council thanks you for your patience during this difficult time.”

  1. Hi!
    Got the July 2020 issue 2 days ago here in Sweden. Many thanks! The October 2020 and January 2021 came nearly as expected.
    Again, Many Thanks for the July 2020 and the effort to print new ones.
    Best Regards,
    Lennart Bergstedt

  2. How can I subscribe! I have been selling, repairing, and racing outboards since 1969

  3. I was a member a few years ago, then life got in the way. Working. I would like to renew my membership. Thank you. Blair McKenna 11 love court charlottetown prince Edward Island Canada

  4. I just joined and would like to play catch up by ordering some back issues. Can an administrator point me in the right direction? Thanks! –Jack

    1. Hi Jack, are you still looking for back issues of the Outboarder? I have over a hundred. Will sell the lot for $50, pickup in Mansfield, MA. They are much too heavy to ship.


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