Here are some examples of antique and Classic outboards.

All of the photos were submitted by our members.

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Trying out a new idea - Desktop Patterns!  Click on the size of your choice, let it load up, then right click on your mouse and "Set As Wallpaper"!
If you have one of your own made up, send it on over and we'll post it here!
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I had enough Mercury stuff to fill a page! Come one fans of other brands - send me some good quality pics form old ads so I can make up some wallpapers for your favorite moniker!
More Wallpapers coming soon!
TomGoepfrichCrossRadial2.jpg (78296 bytes)
Tom Goepfrich of Ossian, Indiana sent this photo of his recently restored (and very rare) 1929 Cross Radial.  It puts out 50hp and makes a sound that is really something to hear!
TomGoepfrichCrossBoat.jpg (59050 bytes)  TomGoepfrichCrossBoat3.jpg (73054 bytes)
Tom also sent some pics of his beautifully restored 1954 1954 Tomahawk Chief. It is a 14 ft cedar strip with factory
coat of fiber glass on exterior of boat.  Tom claims that it handles the Cross Radial quite nicely!
ChrisScratchChief3.jpg (93679 bytes)
Chris Scratch of Essex, Ontario sent this shot of his 1930 Lockwood Chief.
ChrisScratchMark55a.jpg (48099 bytes)  ChrisScratchMark55b.jpg (44897 bytes)
Another one of Chris Scratch's restorations is this 1957 Mercury Mark 55.
Johnson-K50.jpg (39200 bytes)
Here's a neat shot of Michael Squier's 1930 Johnson K-50. The boat is a 1931
Thompson 16' TVT lake boat.  You can check out an action shot of his vintage ride on the MOTORS AT PLAY PAGE!
PaulShaddixMarlin1.JPG (49762 bytes)  PaulShaddixSBMmotor.JPG (36202 bytes)
Paul Willis Shaddix, an AOMCI Member from Australia, sent these shots of some motors very few of us Yanks have ever seen!  The one on the left is called a "Marlin" and the one on the right is a "SBM".  He says both motors are in the process of being restored.
  LeeNH3.jpg (136921 bytes)  LeeNH4.jpg (103077 bytes)
Lee Willett of Gilford,  New Hampshire took these photos at the ACBS show on Lake Winipisaukee on the last Saturday in July.
LeeNH2.jpg (147165 bytes)  LeeNH5.jpg (92512 bytes)
The above photos show Lee Willet's little 1946 Evinrude Sportsman sitting on the back of his nicely restored 1949 Old Town square stern.  Photos were taken at the Lake Winipisaukee Boat Show in July, 2000.
1956MercuryMK25.JPG (48891 bytes)
This is Rick Eichrodt's 1956 Mark 25.  Rick, a MOB chapter memebr, and his Dad restored this motor.  For shots of this motor in action, check out the MOTORS AT PLAY PAGE!
Lockwood.jpg (81652 bytes)
A 1929 Lockwood Chief Racing motor owned by Micheal Lynch of Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

merc_700_jpeg_chisholm_97_small.jpg (3280 bytes)Here is A classic Mercury 700. This motor was completely rebuilt by Tim DeGennaro of Baltimore, Maryland.

ablk45.jpg (46924 bytes)
Here is proof that Old Iron is a family activity. On the left is a 2 HP Johnson ABL from 1922 owned by Bill Allard Sr. And on the right is Bill Jr.'s 1929 K-45. Bill Sr is from Palm City, Florida, while Oakdale, Connecticut is the home of Bill Jr.

A-25a.jpg (110379 bytes)
This nicely restored little gem is a 1925 Johnson A-25 out of Bill Smith's Collection.  Bill hails from Olympia, WA.
A-453.jpg (114872 bytes)  A-454.jpg (158013 bytes)
These pics are of a nice "as found" 1929 Johnson A-45.  Rick Eichrodt of the MOD chapter picked this one up this summer.
A-80a.jpg (104662 bytes)
Here is another one of Bill Smith's beautiful motors - a 1936 Johnson A-80.
chriscraft_small.jpg (3785 bytes) Drew Fales of Freedom, Maine is the proud owner of this 10 horsepower ChrisCraft Commander.

 gmercs1_small.jpg (2950 bytes) 
This is Tommy Sheldon's display of green Mercurys as seen at the 1997 AOMC International Meet in Cypress Gardens, Florida. Left to right: 1949 KF-5 "Super 5," 1950 KG-9 "Thunderbolt," 1950 KG-7 "Hurricane," 1955 Mark 55 and a 1947 KE-7 "Lightning."

Untitled_3_small.jpg (2221 bytes)

The Johnson pictured at left  is a 1931 model OK-55. It was recently restored by Vern Johnson of Seattle, Washington.

On the left is a beautiful Martin "75" from the early 50s. The "75" produced 7.5 horsepower.

Martin200_small.jpg (3155 bytes)

This 1953 Martin 200 SilverStreak complete with racing lower unit is owned by Glendon Spears of Harrisonville, New Jersey.


BReinhartFldlt1.jpg (109285 bytes)BReinhartFldLt2.jpg (128220 bytes)

These two pics are of Bruce Reinhart's 1930 2.75hp Evinrude Foldlight.  

BReinhartEvRanger.jpg (123959 bytes)

Bruce Reinhart also submitted this photo of a very nice 1938 Evinrude Ranger.  Bruce hails from Kitchener, Ontario.

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