Our History

Outboard motors have been manufactured for over 100 years. Therefore, it is no surprise that a number of people should become interested in collecting antique outboards. The interest became so widespread that by 1960, antique outboard collectors began to correspond with one another. In October 1965, five collectors planned and organized “The Antique Outboard Motor Club”. In January of 1966, the first issue of “The Antique Outboarder” was printed. Thirty copies were mailed to members. By October of 1966, membership had increased to more than 200 people in several countries.  Our growth continues with membership now in the area of 3,000 dedicated members from (currently) 14 countries.

A number of antique outboarders are “old-timers” who are motor and boating enthusiasts of long standing, or who have been involved in the manufacture of outboards. Other members just collect old outboards – a few members owning several hundred!  Collecting is fun and exciting;  some of these outboards are 5-cylinder, radial engine, tractor lower units, underwater engine, air drive units and folding motors – all typical forerunners of modern outboards.

Get a Kick Out of an Old Kicker?

You’re not the only one who’s interested in old outboard motors. There’s lots of people – businessmen, doctors, bricklayers, dentists, mechanics and people of all ages have the opportunity of sharing the rewarding experiences offered by the non-profit Antique Outboard Motor Club, Inc.  (AOMCI).

Put Some Gas in Your Hobby!

Your membership in AOMCI will provide you with a rich mixture of personal associations and accomplishments. You’ll meet interesting new people while following leads provided by the Club to add motors to your collection; make new friends by joining a chapter of the Club in your area or by corresponding with other members and realize a great deal of satisfaction and pride from participating in displays, shows and Club Meets.


Get started by advancing your spark of interest and join AOMCI. You’ll get a new and broader perspective on what fun and enjoyment a well-rounded hobby can bring. Antique outboarding offers a more personal and meaningful thrill than that found in modern boating.

Make It Go!

You’ll be able to take a battered and worn, grease covered old engine and enjoy the fun and satisfaction of putting life into an old motor and letting it “show its stuff” to those curious watchers on the shore.

Suddenly those hard to find motors, parts, owner’s manuals and instruction books will be available to you through the Club’s resources. Antique engine parts are still to be found – if you know where to find them.

You’ll Be Off And Running!

As a member of AOMCI you will receive a membership card, use of the extensive Club library, a subscription to the Club magazine, full access to the resources on the website, and the opportunity to register your motors as antiques.

Registration not only helps locate lost or stolen motors, it also enables members to contact others who have a motor similar to their own.

You can participate in both indoor and outdoor Club meets, run engines, and talk shop with friends having the same interests as yours. High points of the Club’s activities are the annual National and International meets held at different times in several sections of the country. These meets give both local and distant members a chance to show off their motors, swap parts, exchange information, and learn more about antique outboarding. Prizes may be offered for, among others, the Fastest Motor in its Class, the Oldest Running Motor, the Best Original Motor, and the Best Restored Motor. Spectator interest is terrific.

In many parts of the USA, Canada, and overseas, members live close enough to one another that regular local chapter meetings are held during which – you guessed it – members and guests can discuss, run, work on, and swap and sell old outboards. Many of these chapter meetings also include competitions and prizes.

You can talk with or correspond with others having the same kind of engines or the same favorite topics you do by belonging to one of the many “Special Interest Groups” offered by the Club. Different engine makes, history, racing, and unusual motors are just a few of the unique groups you can be part of.

Club Publications

You’ll get full bore coverage on all outboarding subjects in the quarterly Club magazine The Antique Outboarder – history, restoration, technical reports, antique outboard racing, special features, chapter news, and a classified advertising section where members can buy, sell or trade motors, parts and literature.

Special attention is given to helping members restore their motors and to reporting Club and member activities. All material is written by Club members, who are encouraged to contribute items of interest.

And, of course, there is this website. A public forum (which is also open to members) covers technical questions and offers free classified ads. In addition, there is a very active Members Only section which includes an ever growing reference library and multiple Members Only discussion boards that cover general topics, member videos, member-only classifieds, etc. These discussion boards are open to all members to speak their piece, ask questions and answer other members’ questions, have a little fun, etc.

Want to communicate in real time? There’s a private chat-room for members.

You’ll also find several other interesting, educational and fun features.


Founded in 1966, AOMCI is an international organization that brings together antique outboard enthusiasts from around the world. It’s 100% family friendly, whether on the forums, in person at meets, or in the pages of The Antique Outboarder.

Many members also own, restore, run, or otherwise enjoy antique outboard boats.

It’s up to you to pull that starter rope and join The Antique Outboard Motor Club, Inc.

Don’t miss another day of fun and enjoyment!

Have questions about membership? Email membership@aomci.org and get answers.