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  • mikekolbus

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    Trying to restore a 1970 Evinrude 9 1/2 HP ran into a issue , the shaft is stuck in the crank shaft. Any suggestions on getting these parts separated. I have not opened up the crank case yet. I never had one this stuck. I do not want to damage anything if possible.
    Thank you in advance
    Mike K


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    flip it upside down dibble some release agent in between the unbolted gear case openning & down the drive shaft let it soak and work itself down into the splines…. retry after a few days of soaking

    reapply release agent if need be wait a few days retry again

    patience brings joy

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    Fred Hickman

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    Try Crosbyman’s method using AeroKroil as your penetrating oil. “Wet” the shaft with AeroKroil for three-four days in a row. Tap the skeg with a rubber mallet intermittently whole the Kroil is doing it’s thing. Then, attempt to pull the shaft.


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    OK, is the gearcase still installed on the engine or did you pull the gearcase down leaving the driveshaft up in the powerhead? The gearcase will probably pull down, forcing the impeller key to jam through the aluminum impeller housing….Not a big deal. Try not to force anything too much, or pry with sharp objects that will deform the mating surfaces between the exhaust housing and the gearcase… Unfortunately, this is not all that uncommon for these engines, they sit low in the water so the splines tend to get rusted together.

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