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  • whizfish

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    I’ll soon be repowering to replace a 63 Evinrude Lark 40hp with electric shift. It runs ok but it recently stopped shifting, likely a failure in the transmission (is that the correct term?), not the controls (I can explain my reasoning for that if necessary). I’m wondering if there’s any market for this engine or its controls. I don’t need much money but I’d like to get in the hands of someone willing to do what I am not (i.e. fix it and use it).



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    Well, there is a limited market for the old 40hps, but only if all you have all the boat wiring/control box/key switch/junction box and they are in usuable condition. It won’t command much money though, especially if there is a problem with the gearcase shifting components. You can post an ad in our classified section, perhaps a club member in your area might be interested. Needless to say, shipping costs are prohibitive. Try posting on ebay/facebook/craigslist as well…


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    The engine power head is the same as a regular mechanical shift lower unit model so you might be better off parting it out on eBay or here.Controls and electric start solenoid box have value on eBay. Look on eBay completed sales for approximate value. If sold here value it less. Sometimes the controls only sell for more than complete engine set up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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