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    John Gragg

      US Member

      (Not mine)

      Description below in quotes. Seller is asking $140.

      Approx year?

      Worth it?

      Parts avail?

      Anyone else have interest or need? I don’t mind making a trip of it if a member too far away has a need or want. Don’t want to see something this old/classic not have a great home.


      “british seagull outboard motor

      it has compression so it’s not seized. i’ve never used it or tested it. i’m selling it as untested and to be safe – non-working, for parts or repair

      it’s missing the pull cord. it may be missing parts and pieces as well, I’m not an expert on it so take a look to see what you think”

      Let me know?

      Best Regards,

      John Gragg
      RIverside, CA

      Just starting in the hobby, please be patient.

      48 Sea King 5hp GG9014A
      49 Sea King 5hp GG9014A
      48 Johnson TD20
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