The Executive Council is pleased to announce a new program. We have set up a Junior Membership program for the young interested person who wants to join the AOMCI.  Here are the guidelines for Junior Membership:

  1. The age group is up to 18 years of age with parental and/or legal guardian signature of approval.
  2. The cost is $28.00 US $33.00 CAN $38.00 INTL. per year.
  3. He or she will receive issues of The Antique Outboarder and will have full access to the AOMCI website.
  4. He or she may join any chapter.
  5. He or she will have full membership benefits now and more as they become available.
  6. He or she will not have voting privileges.
  7. He or she will not be able to hold office.

This program is being developed to encourage young people who would like to be part of the AOMCI.  So now parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts can give a gift of membership to their family member who is interested in the old motors we all cherish.

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