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This area is to inform Members & future Members on all areas of our website that will benefit all.. To view information hover over blue buttons then click on to open,  we do look foreword to all comments in this area and let us know what you would like added..  All will be different platforms of how to’s …. For current members & new make sure in your AOMCI account your email is verified so your active account is activated to view all our website has to offer. Thanks AOMCI Webmaster

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    1. Received email to update profile with the above user name
      Unable to access website using that user name and request to update password.
      No response when request was submitted to update password.
      Unsure of membership status given I received an email from AOMCI with the above user name included
      Please provide what is needed to either access account or if renewed membership is needed?

  1. I have some old trolling motors and 2 strokes. One trolling motor i have is very rare,I haven’t found any pics anywhere on line and no info. I would like to send pics and what little identification it has to learn more about what it is

    1. Hi Brent,

      Your account looks to be in good order on my end. Can you tell me more about the problem you’re having? I’ll try to help you. Apologies for the late reply. We have recently lost our webmaster and I’m doing my best to stand in until we find a replacement.


    1. Bob,

      Your account looks to be in good order. Are you sure you’re signing in with the correct username? Signing in with should give you access. Many people register with one username on the free side and then change it when they add a membership. Let me know and I’ll do my best to help you.

    1. Claude,

      Can you give me a little more information on what you’re seeing or not seeing that’s preventing you? I’ll do my best to help.

  2. Eric,

    I want a button to click to accept cookies because it will not let me go into the site with out this…. does an outboard site need to be this secure?

    Please advise a simple way to do this.


    1. Carlos,

      This is more than likely a security setting on your browser. You should be able to set it accept all cookies for the site permanently.

  3. Eric,

    I get e-mailed from time to time about the same is!sue that Carlos describes…..and my computer has the same issues. Cookies settings are normal and no such screen pops up on any other site that I visit. Only ours LOL I run Firefox and Chrome; same on both. What works for me is to simply hit “Enter” a second time when that screen pops up…..and it goes through. No need to enter Username and Passwprd a second time.

    Chuck Kober

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