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  • Seahawk

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    I have a 1923 ELTO Service Twin 3 hp solid rudder which I will be restoring. Does anyone know what the compression of this motors should be? Does anyone have a service or owners manual for this particular motor they could share? Would also like to know how the cooling water circuit works? I see a screen just under the nose piece of the lower unit where water could be heading into. I see where it travels into and out of the cylinder heads. Just don’t know what is going on in between. Would like to know if there are any pump components in this circuit.

    I am looking for the left and right cylinder heads if anyone has them available. Rings and pistons would be a plus.



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    The water pump is located behind the steering yoke. You can see the piston behind the yoke in the attached photo. PM me your email address and I’ll send you the operators manual for your motor. If you are a Facebook user you can download the manual from “The World Needs More ELTO’s” page. I would have posted it here in the archives along with my large collection of manuals, but we don’t allow it for some reason.


    Upper Canada Chapter



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    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for the pic of the water pump location. I will PM you for the manual.

    Greatly appreciated,


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    Interesting that the pump mounts up that high, and in the same location
    as my 1925 Lightwin / Ruddertwin with no water pump.

    Prepare to be boarded!

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