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    Is anyone intimately familiar regarding “how” the upper driveshaft is removed
    from the driveshaft casing, i.e., from the top or bottom?

    I have the gear case off, and thought I’d pull the driveshaft out of the casing from
    below, to see what shape the clutch cone assembly is in.
    The clutch sleeve moves back and forth about 3/8″, but I’m not sure if it’s
    just the clutch sleeve moving, or that and the driveshaft above it as well.

    According to the parts diagram, the driveshaft is driven via the flat
    tang which is pinned to the driveshaft.
    I would not think a tang would be stuck in the crankshaft slot.

    I would “think” that the driveshaft assembly would come out of the bottom,
    as if the drive tang is too big to go through the driveshaft casing, then the
    clutch assembly would be as well.

    If the power head needs to come off to remove the driveshaft, then it’s staying there,
    at least for now. I already had it running in the barrel after going through the ignition
    and carb, but it wasn’t pumping water. I “think” it will pump water now, and I’m
    in hopes for a lake test, but that’s getting “iffy” for October.




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