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    Last year I got the 57 Evinrude Big Twin with electric start running,
    that never had an original wiring harness, solenoid box, or “start / choke”
    I got a different boat later that had a junked 59 Evinrude, with a full wiring harness
    and solenoid box, and an ignition switch in the harness (sans key, or course)
    I was originally was going to fix up the 59 to use on the newer boat, so I
    bought a new ignition switch, and found a dash panel for “choke” and “start”.

    Perhaps the 57 would have used a push button instead of an ignition switch?

    The ignition switch I bought has the two “M” terminals that have continuity between them when
    the switch is in the “Off” position. I presume that was to ground the two magneto coils together
    and hence, kill the engine.
    I’m pretty sure my 57 is not wired up to the magneto with kill wires to make use of the
    ignition switch to kill the engine.
    Was the 57 intended to use “choke” to kill the engine?

    I think I have it figured out how to use the ignition switch and my electric choke button,
    but wanted to verify one thing. When I turn the key to crank the engine over, it’s
    going to send juice to the solenoid small terminal, thru the solenoid coil, and to ground
    via the mercury switch? And this wont blow the mercury switch, correct? 🙂

    I believe the ignition switch is like the top one shown….

    Switch and Dash Panel. “Hot wire from ignition switch “Accessory” terminal to choke button.

    12v Evinrude Solenoid Box I’m using. Battery connections not wired in yet.

    Cover with wiring diagram. Too bad they don’t say what all the wires are for.

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    Correct on all counts

    EDIT: I guess you already figured out that to modify the ’57 for a key switch, run another wire to the second set of points

    EDIT EDIT: The ’57 motorside wiring harness/plug won’t have a pin for the second kill wire. You’ll have to use a ’58-up motorside harness or improvise.

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    Thanks Frank! I’m not sure if this motor side plug is from the 57 or 59,
    but guessing the 57, as I don’t see enough pins.
    to hook up to both coils for a kill circuit.

    Not sure I can use the key to kill the engine anyway. One of my “M” wires
    in the long harness does not have continuity, but I suppose if I get ambitious
    I could dissect the whole harness.


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