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      Dollar store has new  flavor injectors  that  filled with light grease  makes a perfect little grease gun for hard to reach spots   and touch ups. .

      just grind the needle tip square  and  Voilà !

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        That looks like something Nurse Ratchet would use!


        Prepare to be boarded!

        Steve D

          I bought these a while back to use for greasing dry recoil springs without having to take them apart and it does the job pretty well. This set came with 5 different size needles.

          The injector might work too but these are smaller gauge to get in the tight spaces between the spring. It comes out slower obviously but it gets the job done.

          Pull the rope all the way out, hold the pulley with your thumb, find an opening and pump in a little grease, let the pulley unwind a little until you see more openings in the spring and repeat until the rope is all the way back in. Pull the rope 5-6 times to distribute the grease.


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