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    I am restoring a 1956 30HP Evinrude Lark and would like to see if anyone has the color codes for the white and the light grey on the side of the cowling?

    This motor has five different colors on it and I just need these two.  I have enclosed a photo of the engine.

    I appreciate any help with this.



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    can’t seem to add links. all I could find with a quick search was nymarine.ca


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    Here’s the link to the NY Marine color listing:



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    I did my ’56 lark probably 20 years ago . All my colors came out of a Duplicolor spray can. Can’t remember what they were.IMG_3841

    As far as the script goes, on the back side it was stamped Fisher Body Guide, Syracuse New York. That was the GM plant down the road from me back in the day. Nothing there now. Never would have thought GM would be stamping out body parts for OMC.  A couple years ago I found a NOS tiller handle and retrofitted it in. I have yet to run it.

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