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  • billw

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    I just got done reading an article in “Outboard” magazine. It is about a company in Titusville, FL, that converts outboard motors for use by the American military. They take a stock outboard, and make it able to be pushed out the back of an airplane, into the ocean, etc. Well, as we know, Johnson and Evinrude are gone. Mercury is the only American manufacturer left; although their small and mid size motors are not made here. So, this company, Raider Outboards, has to import two-stroke TOHATSU outboards, to use for their conversions. That means, the next time you see, or think about, US Navy seals landing somewhere with an inflatable, to save the world, they are driving a Tohatsu. Don’t bother risking your lives, seals. This country is already toast. Done.

    Long live American manufacturing!


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    This country is on its well to hell in a hand basket for sure….


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    Well take a good look at the car you drive. The new Chevy Blazer? Made in Mexico. Buick has several foreign cars in their automotive line up. Cadillac same thing. The CEO’s keep getting richer! They say they have to go foreign to compete. BS IMHO The big wheels have to much money! That’s whats ruining our country.



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    I read the article as well. Sounds like a great American family
    run business, but sad to see that American made outboards were not used.
    Sounds like the outboards are stiped of all computerized gadgets
    and equipped so the crankcases can be purged of water and restarted
    in a hurry.

    Prepare to be boarded!


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    Our local Coast Guard station runs a couple response boats, both powered by Honda outboards. And all the politicians keep talking about creating US jobs.


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    my background was telecoms (Bell aka Bell Sydtem ,Western Electric, Northern Electric etc….) AT&T was king of the long distance calls in the 70’s and all the cry babies wanted in on the cake forgetting the fact that AT&T and assoc telcos .were pooling their knowledge into Bell Labs to develop everything they needed to improve the quality of their services … transistors included if my memory is still OK .

    Well the FCC caved-in and broke up AT&T golden goose… the long distance call. Shareholdrs lost out to slew of competitors , fortunes were made and lost

    Today the same build-up of riches has swelled up the Apple- Amazon’ s of this world with individual wealth in the hundreds of billions … more probably than AT&T ever made.

    Dany DeVito’s movie “Other peoples money” explains part of it eating up the little guys…. like J&E 🙁

    Joining AOMCI has priviledges 🙂

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