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  • Carlasdaddy

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    What should I use to lubricate between the armature plate and it’s retaining ring? I’m thinking maybe wheel bearing grease would be a good choice.


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    Wheel bearing grease is far too viscous – especially at low temperatures. Consider a low temperature lithium grease.

    Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and especially have no grit on them.

    Apply thin coats to:
    o the inner surface of the crankshaft hole,
    o the underside of the mag plate where it rides on the armature support plate, and
    o the top of the retainer ring.

    While you are in there, give each points cam follower pad a drop of light machine oil.


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    The OMC moly lube…
    This is a very tricky technique for sure. “just enough”…. Too much, and lube will get into the mag plate/points, and not enough will cause wear the the pilot bushing/mag plate and retainer ring…

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