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  • opposedtwin

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    So this is the element/receptacle or whatever from my vintage bow light. Solid rust and won’t budge. I could soak it, free it up but it would always want to rust up again. Where can I buy another new one that has the clip built in? This one is not removable.

    Actually I’m looking to convert this light to LED so I can run it on a super small 6 volt battery. I don’t need to lug a big 12 volt car battery since my FD-12 is manual start. Can I just install an LED set up on the ends of the 2 wires instead? Where would I go to buy that stuff? Radio Shack? Are they even around anymore? Haven’t seen one in years!

    Thanks for any help!





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    I don’t know about the clip, but the socket size/design is called a BA15S. Start searching from there…


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    Prepare to be boarded!


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    Just note that the marine applications are typically “two wire” , hot and ground to the bulb base. No ground circuit through the mount and chassis (hull) as in automotive applications. If you go LED, you will have to rig up a wired ground.

    Joe B

    Nicholas Keller

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    Running 12 volts will be easier to source led bulbs. More options are available, however in respects to battery you can use a small gel-cell or even lithium power source if weight is a major concern. Also, when looking into led you may consider mounting a small printed circuit board in the assembly in place of the traditional bulb as they are reasonably available in many sizes with surface mounted leds.


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    Thanks for your input on this topic. Can you explain the advantages of a circuit board? I’m electronically impaired when it comes to moving things. I can navigate my way around 15/20 amp circuits in a house for the most part, but find automotive electricity a bit more difficult to get. Also the idea of the LED option, while appealing, is new to me and I don’t really know how it works.

    Also, where can I buy these gel cell batteries that might power standard bow and stern lights on vintage boats?


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