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  • crosbyman

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    Any experience3Suggestions fixing rewind sprind . ??

    I have a 4hp Merc which will likely need a spring (TBD) …..any chance the broken en loops can be reshapped and annealed after bendng back in shape ??

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    The Boat House

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    You can heat the spring red and put a loop in the end.
    It will then be “annealed” . You want to try to make it
    hard again so while it is still red drop it in oil if possible
    but water will work. Hard to say how long it will last
    but if you can’t get a replacement your options are limited.


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    get a new one they are cheap. it will only break again if repaired


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    Cheap is relative …in Canada not always so cheap. 🙂 knees, hips and bypass are free… that is cheap! 🙂

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    As a kid ( 10 years old or so ) i remember going to the dump with my grandfather and coming back with old tractors and go carts most had broken recoils many times i tried to ( fix ) a spring by reshaping the ends but it was temporary at best

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    ho well… to bad i’ll see more when I pop the Merc 4hp recoil open in the coming weeks along with a couple of 4hp and a CD to prep fpr Spring time 🙂

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    My two cents on this rewind spring deal. You need to make sure that the rope hits it end before the spring hits it’s end! Some times the spring tension is set too tight and it bottoms out it will break again new or old. I have made snowmobile springs work in outboard motors. I also have bought new springs that were to short. I wish I had a nickle for every one I have had apart. The center hub should not turn. Get the right size rope and the rewind needs to work free and easy on the bench before you ever put it to work!


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    Years ago I fixed lots of OMC ones.We did not have Hydro so would heat the end on the propane stove bend the end and drill out the eye from the broken piece with a breast drill re rivit it and off we go. Biggest cause of failure is too short a rope or pulling the cord to the end of its travel.

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