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    I can’t get this motor to run more than a few seconds.Good spark, carb cleaned. I think low speed needle is in to richen and out to lean. Anyone know what settings I need for initial start up?


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    Low speed needle should be lightly closed and then turned 1/2 turn open… High speed should be closed and zero on the dial should be straight up and then turn it to 6… from what others have told me, and from starting my own, that’s normal start settings… but what most people don’t know or tell you is that you have to stay on the choke at about 1/4 to 1/3 until it gets a bit warm… if you just get it started and let go of the choke lever it “will die” almost immediately…

    then you can fine tune the carburetor following the instructions in the file…



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    If it’s on a boat, you can get it going and keep the speed up at start or up to fast for a minute or so, you won’t have to keep feathering the choke. You have to rev it up once briefly to get it to cool – the rev it gets on “start”, usually does that. The aluminum impeller won’t start cooling if started at a slow idle and left there. Once it pumps some water through, the exit tube acts a bit like a siphon to help keep the water moving through at idle. There is no telltale pee hole to know that it’s cooling. If you think it’s overheating, splash some water on the side of the cylinder and if it boils it’s not cooling. That aluminum impeller will never wear out unless you run in salt water.

    When properly adjusted and warmed up, those 1Js will idle ridiculously slow. I can get mine going so slow that I can stop it by slapping the palm of my hand on top of the starter rope sheave. Leaving it at that speed setting, I can restart with 1/2 turn of the starter rope.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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