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  • Jason Tucker

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    Looking for 1955 part number 376336. Question is are there other part numbers that could be used?
    Need replacement Cylinder Head.


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    Hopefully someone here will know the answer to your question. In the meantime….I see that there are currently a couple of those cylinder heads on ebay. Kinda spendy,,,,,

    If you have time; try posting a WANTED ad here in the free classifieds section. Probably a lot of them around and you might get a lot better price from a fellow member.


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    My ’68 Parts Reference Guide shows 592984 applies to your motor.





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    And my ’72 Master Parts Price book confirms the supersession 592984 replacing 376336


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    376336 is the casting number, which is what you can find on the part. 592984 is an ‘engineering’ part no, different because the head includes a couple caps on the central tube, hence an assembly. Other than a parts list, the only place you’ll find that number is on the box it comes in..

    The two numbers will usually coincide if the part is a simple (no components) part.

    Marineengine says they have a new one cheaper than Ebay

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