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  • DaveB

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    Can 50:1 work in 1951 2hp Elgin


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    I would think that model was in the 16:1 era.
    I would not run it on 50:1

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    I always run it 20:1 SAE30 NON detergent motor oil like the old manual suggests. But, in today’s world the rainbow slick it leaves on the water may be unacceptable.
    I’ve kept it running since I was 12 now 80 and have hope that oil technology would allow me to try my weed Wacker mix to lessen pollution. I certainly agree with you but someone else may have tried and succeeded. Hope to start a discussion.

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    DaveB – I’m sending you a PM

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    Most times, if I think there are gong to be people around who would object to a little sheen on the water, I will launch the boat and row quite a ways from the beach or dock, before running an engine. Since our engines are generally small and get run a very limited amount of time, what we do to the environment is very small potatoes, compared to bigger boats, big trucks, airplanes, etc. It’s just that our stuff LOOKS a lot worse. Other people don’t think about that.

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