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  • seahuntboater

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    Any ideas on why this leg looks this way? Best I can figure is previous owner could not get the water tube worked out?

    I pulled the power head yesterday and see the tube goes through a plate and is flared out (starred) to hold it in place the other end is bent to come out and become the intake. I actually cut it with the gear box lowered a bit in order to get the leg off. I assume this tube arrangement is correct but since i don’t know the model I am not sure. All i know is it looks like early 60’s 5hp

    If I get this running should I fill the holes?




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    I don’t know about the holes, but has that leg been welded, or is that the way it’s supposed to be, with that big lump around the middle ?


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    Some genius drilled those holes. Probably to make it a go-faster. Or at least go-louder.

    Water tube curved forward behind the prop is normal on some models–those that don’t have a water pump. Prop thrust forces water up through the tube.

    I don’t remember what the lump is for.


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    With the leg drilled that way, I’d be wondering whether the powerhead has been messed with.

    On these, the water tube only cools the exhaust leg and lower crank seal. (Excluding the two cylinder water cooled motors.) I haven’t messed with any Eskas recently, but that bead around the leg doesn’t look familiar.

    Eska’s aren’t scarce. You might decide to demote this one to a parts motor.

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