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  • Gcmarsh

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    i am fixing up a flambeau,and hope to get it running , so far it seems to have good spark,the carb may need attention,it should run,but what is the initial setting for the carb gears?other than that, seems to be about 1950,and would like to know a good place to get decals.

    I also need a starter knob , it seems similar to some other motors,so is anyone remaking these?

    wish me luck, Steve.



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    Prepare to be boarded!

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    Discolored paint on cylinders might indicate a history of overheating.  Have you checked the compression?  And no, I don’t know what “normal” is.


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    Thanks for the info.I will put the carb together and let you know what happens.As for the water pump, I have a new impeller ,and the crankcase had a few holes that were sealed with j.bweld., I have got a few pops out of it with quick-start.


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    I believe I had Dixie Hamack make Flambeau decals a few years ago oldoutboarddecals@gmail.com or 763-421-5346


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    I had high hopes for my Flambeau twin, until I got to the fuel tank. I seem to remember it had a bad gasket and there was no way that I could figure, how to get it apart without destroying it. I am not a fan of inside sealant, so I passed it on to another member. (with full disclosure.) I still have a single, so if anybody knows how to deal with those tanks, I’d love to know what the trick is.

    Long live American manufacturing!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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