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  • Alan Seacat

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    does anybody know how to get the water pump cover off a Flambeau Twin? I assumed it was threaded but it didn’t budge and I don’t want to break anything.


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    Here’s a photo of mine I had apart a few years ago……. looks to unscrew.


    Prepare to be boarded!



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    Remember , it is a left hand thread. NEW flambeau motors apparently came with a tool to undo it, but I have not seen one.


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    Gcmarsh – good catch on the LH thread.  I have never worked on a Flambeau but if one considers the design of the screw -on impellor housing there would be some thought as to whether the impellor rotation would tend to tighten or unscrew the cover. obviously, you want it to tend to tighten the cover.

    Joe B

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