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  • james hobson

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    I would like to change my 7.5 evinrude to a fuel pump instead of using pressure tank what’s the best way to do change over . Are there any disadvantages or performance issues doing this . Any video or how to do would be a big help thank you.


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    I think there are a bunch of in-depth threads on this conversion, here on the site. There is no performance advantage or disadvantage. When you open the engine cover, it usually makes the engine appear to have been worked on by some hack; but I suppose it would add value in the event that you want to sell it to a non-collector person who just wants to go fishing.

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    (1660) HOW TO CONVERT 50s motors from two line tanks – YouTube


    square pump over  aluminum plate over a bypass cover  drilled 1/4 inch to allow pulsing to reach the back side of the  pump works great


    don’t forget to drill the plate in line  with the  rear end of the pump



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    Your best bet is to find an intake cover with a fuel pump mount on it, which was an “accessory” for these engines in later years. But, why do you want to convert it?? Pressure tanks are simple and r, provided the inside of the tank is rust/crud free. Converting to a fuel pump really offers no advantages, certainly no performance advantages. Like others have said, most of these conversions end up looking like “cobb jobs” anyway. These engines absolutely require a 16:1 fuel/oil mix, so using a newer tank only invites the possibility of using a lighter fuel/oil mix when these tanks are shared with other engines.

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