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    Randy in Tampa

      Something needs to be done about these jerks posting stupid stuff on our side, is there a way to block them? 😡


        International Member - 2 Years

        if no action taken against these jerks, I am afraid that this new
        "AOMCI Discussion Forum " is going down the drain,
        it’s a bloody shame 😥 😥


          C’mon Chris, can’t you do something about that jerkof_.


            But look at all of the interesting things he posts!

            Yesterday I learned some new dance moves, learned to jug for fish, and this morning thread taught me news ways to masterbate!? lol

            Chris will be able to quickly squash him once he gets back from his honeymoon.

            Perhaps a second moderator should have been made to take care of the site while he was gone to prevent this junk.

            I know on other forums, you have to be APPROVED before you can post, perhaps that is the way to go. I have thought that to be annoying in the past, when I want to make a post that day on a new forum, but now I see why it is done.


              It’s an automated Bot, not an actual person (spamware). The admin can set it up for approval to join the forum to help minimize this. Take it easy folks, nothing to lose sleep over.


                Give Chris a chance. He has lots going on in his life at this moment (recent marriage, new house etc). At least he got this board up. I’m sure that this will all be sorted out in short order. Just do not open messages from this bot site.


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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