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  • mrhabitat

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    The 3 HP jw-18 starts easily, runs well at hi speed but moving the lever below the START position it will stall
    I’ve moved the low speed mixture screw both clockwise and counter clockwise but that had no effect. Thoughts?


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    Low speed fuel circuit plugged.

    Prepare to be boarded!


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    Perhaps the carburetor throttle shaft is stuck/binding….In other words, it is not closing fully…These engines won’t idle if the throttle plate is stuck open….


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    Interesting responses here. I had one with the same problem. I fixed it by reengineering the butterfly advance. The butterfly was closing too much at idle. That motor ran great and idled extremely well after the mods.

    But as noted above, the clogged idle system is more likely your culprit, as long as the gasket inside the bottom of the carburetor is in good shape.

    Looking back, I suspect my motor had a carb from a different model on it, one with linkage that wasn’t designed for the motor.


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