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    Does anyone have tips as to how to best start one of these motors when it has just been stopped?


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    If the motor is in good tune it should only need a single pull of the rope when warm. Anymore than a few pulls and it’s probably flooded. Close the fuel needle, set the carb lever to fast, timer at 6 o’clock and pull the rope until it starts. That’s been my experience anyway. I just happened to work on three of the A series motors this weekend.

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    I had an OA-60 a long time ago, and it liked it rich when restarting, even when hot.

    That bein’ say-ed – these things also tend to flood easily, my P-30 is picky that way. Any hot re-start after even the briefest of shut-downs usually requires closing the needle valve then reopening it after the engine fires up.

    By contrast, my F-70 is a good girl, and requires no special treatment to get started, hot, cold, or anything in between.

    All of my A series Johnsons (I consider the BN to be one of them) are good at restarting on the first pull when warm. I do habitually turn the fuel petcock to closed anytime I shut them down, even if its only going to be for a few seconds. The exception to the one-pull rule seems to be Johnson # 3999, which I currently have apart. When it was warmed up, it was still necessary to choke it and open the needle valve to get it to re-start. The piston rings were stuck in their grooves on the starboard side piston, so I wonder if that was a contributing factor.

    I’m assuming your OA is an easy starter when cold?

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