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    Hi All,
    The next project on the old TD15 is to remove the broken lower clamp screw, it appears to to broken in about 1/2 with the head of the screw being broken off, so I will be working from the bottom of the screw. It appears to still be holding the swivel shaft where it goes thru the half moon slot cut into it, that is my assumption. Has anyone tackled one of these broken screws before and is the thread 1/4 – 20. ? See attached picture circled in red.



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    To put a good spin on the problem, you have the ability to work on both ends of this screw. It’s been a few years since I’ve worked on one of these, but I think that’s a fine thread screw. Probably 1/4-28.

    Lots of penetrating oil, heat, and patience should be the key. If you drill from the bottom, a right hand drill will spin in the direction to loosen the screw on the head end.

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