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    I’ve tracked down what I think are all the variants of the Evinrude Sportsman model 4425 and am trying to get them ready to run this summer.

    I have:
    o Goodyear
    o Sea King
    o Brooklure
    o Atlas
    o Hiawatha
    o Buccaneer
    o Viking

    and of course, the model 4425.

    My question to forum participants is are there any other variants ?

    Since I the list includes an Eaton’s Viking, it seems logical that there would be an Elto equivalent (I have a couple of 3hp Gales from the same time frame… Sea King, Viking and a Canadian Elto, so it stands to reason there might be one in the 1.5 list). However, I’ve been unable to determine if there was a (Canadian-marketed) Elto.



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    Hmnmnmn, good question. I also have a 3hp Canadian Gale/Elto. But I don’t know about the 1.5hp version.


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    Canadian Eltos available thru ’58 were the three horse Campster, the five horse Sportster, and the twelve horse Speedster. The Campster was the smallest Elto back then. The closest Elto to 1.5 horse would be the 1.4 horse and 1.8 horse Aces offered in ’37 and ’39.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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