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  • Ironhorse2022

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    Hello everyone,

    soon I’ll be repainting my ‘67 Fastwin and I’m deciding which brand of paint to buy.  Getting an exact color match is somewhat important to me but more importantly, I want as durable and fuel resistant a paint job as possible when using rattle cans.  I redid a 54 evinrude some years back using V.O. Paint a few years ago and it looked fantastic until some gas spilled on it – was pretty disappointed that it lifted almost immediately.  Perhaps they all do that.  Anyways, I’d appreciate any input you have on which paint to use as well as technique.   I plan to use an etching alum primer where ever bare alum is showing and will wipe it all down with a good pre-paint degreaser prior to top coating.  Thanks


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    My experience with repainting outboard engines is that both NYM and Vintage Outboard Paint (VOP) offer good quality ACRYLIC base paint in their rattling cans but none is impervious to any petroleum distillate, gas or similar solvent. Their claim to fame is that they will effectively match the original colour and adding an acrylic clear coat doesn’t make a difference.

    I’ve somehow got better results with High Temperature resistant paint which seems to yield a harder finish but then, the colour range is quite limited.

    The next step up in defending your acrylic paint job against solvents is spraying a 2K clear coat. VOP sells one in a 12 oz can which is quite convenient.

    The ultimate way to go about it is to use both URETHANE paint with a hardener (there you have your 2K) and top it off with a 2K clear coat but going full 2K may require more skill and surely a bigger budget.

    Both NYM and VOP offer a range of products that can meet all those levels but not necessarily in aerosol cans.

    And yes, using  self etching primer on bare metal is a must and a light sanding between light coats (primer, vase and clear coat) insures top results.

    My final recommendation is take your time. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

    Good luck with your project.

    There are no old outboards, just machines so well built, they have outlasted their owners !

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    Great feedback, thanks.  Another rattle can option I’ve had surprising goo results with is Magic brand oil based paints – but largely available in farm equipment colors.  I keep thinking. Should buy s small detail spray gun so I can shoot the good stuff but haven’t pulled that trigger yet 😏


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    if you seach google you will find lots of comments on the subject … here is one…. from 2008


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    Color match

    Hello, have been using Color Match spray paints for years on my vintage outboards and have had zero trouble! Its the best paint and clear coat you can purchase in a can. Schucks Auto Sup.. sells it. Ask for Color Match engine gas and oil resistent clear coat. It comes in high gloss and satin. Hey dude this stuff works! All of my outboards are at least 60 years old or older and they leak gas but this clear coat holds up.


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    Good to know, thanks. I’ll check it out !

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