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  • labrador-guy

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    Hi guys, How do you get the pinion gear out of the gear case on a 1952 Evinrude 3hp outboard?





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    To jar it loose, with the drive shaft removed, give the gearcase open end a whack on the workbench top.


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    The thrust bearing has to come out before the pinion gear will.  It’s that flat thing in there with the circle on it. Like FR says, give the gearcase a sharp rap to try and jar it loose. I have used long needle nose pliers to remove it but it’s made of breaklite or something and is rather fragile.




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    Well I rapped the snot out of it and it would not budge.  Since the housing is junk, the PO cut the tail off trying to make it a racer,  I slipped a punch in through the gear oil hole and got that black plastic thingy loose.  Another rap on the bench and it fell out.   I just wanted to save the gears for another go-around some day.

    thanks guys dale

    LeeRoy Wisner

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    What I do is tap the center hole with 1/4″ X 20 and then make a Ell shaped tool out of 1/4″ all thread.   this has to be at last 6 1/2″ to the handle (Ell) to clear.   Thread in into the tapped hole all the way & when it bottoms out in the front, it will push the thrust bearing out,

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