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      Canada Member - 2 Years

      Only 5 hmmm well here is the list:
      1913 Evinrude RBM
      1914 Ferro RBM
      1926 Elto Ruddertwin
      19?? folding Elto
      1957 Evinrude Fastwin

      The question does make me think though and I would have a really hard time getting the collection below 25 motors as I see it now.


        1953 Martin 200 Silver Streak
        1952 Chris-Craft Commander
        1958 Evinrude Big Twin
        1958 Evinrude Lightwin
        1953 Wizard WH7 Powermatic 10

        I like the 50’s


          US Member

          My Grandfather’s 3 hp Buccaneer, sentimental, & fond memories of it
          catching on fire twice.

          Evinrude Zepher that that I used to get running in the test barrel by
          the garage when I was a teenager, haul it down the hill to the lake, put on the boat,
          and it would not start. 🙁 It’s going to be a future project for refurbishing!

          Mercury Mark 6 that my uncle gave me, still awaiting the test barrel after restore.

          My current project, 4 hp Muncie Neptune OB34A…….. unless it doesn’t
          run when I’m done, then it’s for sale, lol.

          My late father’s 1973 Mercury 75, 7.5 hp that was on his pontoon when
          I was a teenage. Hasn’t run in 30 years. Perhaps a future project.

          Prepare to be boarded!


            XR 55
            1914 Ferro RBM
            1957 Johnson Javelin
            Elto Ruddertwin
            Johnson V45


              International Member

              Crescent 500CS
              Evinrude Super Strangler
              Evinrude rowboat motor
              Marston Seagull
              Johnson 1958 QD


                Johnson 1954 QD-15
                Wizard Super 25
                Johnson 1957 QD-18
                1987 Johnson 48 SPL
                1972 Johnson 20


                  US Member

                  My custom built merc 400Q
                  I know they are not OMC’s


                    I feel like Lloyd, but here they are
                    1937 Neptune 6 hp twin
                    1957 Fleetwin
                    1957 Sportwin
                    1957 MK30 Mercury
                    1961 500 Mercury
                    1961 400 Mercury
                    But, there are so many others 😆 😀


                      US Member

                      Although I am not particularly brand loyal, I have mainly OMC and MERC classics. Here would be my keepers:

                      1956 Johnson QD-17
                      1954 Evinrude Super Fastwin
                      1950 Mercury KG4
                      1958 Mercury Mark 28
                      1952 Johnson RD-12



                        US Member

                        There is no way I could keep it at 5, 25 maybe, but just for fun…..in no particular order, motors that I have in our collection:.
                        1) 1969 Mercury 200 (I have thirteen of these 200’s, and 2 69’s. They are the best looking and fastest of this great line of motors.)
                        2) 1947 Mercury KE-7 (Mercury’s most important motor and I love to run ours. Fast, idles like a dream, looks fantastic!)
                        3) 1971 Mercury 800 (bored out this inline 4 +.030 and it is like new. I need at least one big motor for my 18′ Lund. The last year of red trim!)
                        4) 1960 or 56 Evinrude Lightwin. (Either one, I like the looks of the 56 better, the 60 is more powerful. Great little motor!)
                        5) 1952 Mercury KH-7 (Ultimate Mercury green tank, and a real transition motor for them. Look great, full gear shift.)

                        Our Motors that almost made the list.

                        6) 1955 Mercury Mk-25. (One of Mercury’s best late 50’s motors and still just as good today. We have 4 of them. They look great too!)
                        7) 1963 Mercury 200 (I love my 63, ran it a lot last summer. Last of the white Mercury and like the KH-7, a transition motor. Full gear shift!)
                        8) 1968 Mercury 110 ( We have 5 of these 110s from 62-69. Real powerhouse from 11cid. Smooth, reliable, lightweight! Great fishing motor)
                        9) 1958 Evinrude Fleetwin ( I paid $12 for this Fleetwin, and I love it. Just a pleasure to hear run and take it fishing.)
                        10) 1984 Mercury 7.5 hp Duck’s Unlimited edition. (This was my first motor that was mine. I won it at a banquet! Runs fantastic and is like new!)


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