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    About those laminations – As the Flywheel turns … A soap opera for outboard lovers 😀

    The magnets in the flywheel create a changing magnetic field in the surrounding conductors. This is focused by the core and harnessed by the wire coiled around it. It takes energy to magnetize Iron as all the little molecules must be alligned. It was found this was easier to do if the iron was broken into little pieces as electrical currents in long lengths of metal created heat and resisted the magnetic field. (Higher frequency coils use powdered iron and a nonconductive binder.) So the coil core is laminared and each piece is insulated with a non conductive paint to cut down on these edie currents. So if a coil gets out of position and the pole shoes rub against the flywheel, removal of the paint is not too bad. However if the metal is beat over so as to short the laminations together, this is bad as it will convert some of the electrical energy to heat and lower the amount available for ignition. At normal operating speeds this would be no problem, but it could be trouble at cranking speeds if there were other issues. (Dirty points, bad insolation, worn plug gap, weak flywheel magnets. etc..) If in doubt, clean up the rough edges and repaint.


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    Re: About those laminations – As the Flywheel turns … A soap opera for outboard lover

    Was this the episode where the Magnetic Mrs. Field runs away with Eddie?
    Do any of you ever paint your laminations to make them look pretty and
    to keep the rust at bay? If so, should a person use non conductive paint?
    Will have to do a search for said paint….. pretty sure my Dupli-color
    doesn’t tout being non conductive.
    Thanks for the input! TG

    Prepare to be boarded!


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    Nice write up. I will save this one in my archives on the computer. That way if the forum goes down again I won’t loose all the info like last time.
    Thanks for the reboot Chris. Congrats on the new marriage as well!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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