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  • Monte NZ

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    Hi All
    Is there any need to replace the missing metal screen between the air intake and the front of the carburetor on the above?

    Thanks in advance
    Monte NZ


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    I’ve ran these motors without it and they seemed to run OK but I’ve heard it should be installed for best results. Some refer to it as a spark arrestor while others say it affects the air flow into the carb somehow. Not sure.

    Rusted Junk

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    I did a carb rebuild ,tune up and impeller on a Johnson JW 3 HP 1960 motor, the screen was missing. I ran the motor without the screen and it preformed nicely, I had a screen in my collection of parts so decided to try it, I noticed that the motor idled down a little better and the throttle response was a little crisper and smoother as you throttled up. It wasn’t a huge difference but noticeable to me. Those little screens are not cheap, I have seen them for $25 on Evil Bay.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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