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  • bill-mcnamara

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    Must have been a massive job to get this up and running so efficiently, especially with your personal schedule being so busy.
    Heartfelt thanks to you……..and yours!



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    Thanks for your efforts. I’m not sure if there was anything extra necessary to install phpBB, I have installed it a couple of times and it didn’t take long, but given your personal schedule and events happening right now and the ridiculous comments some people made about your efforts, I tip my cap to you. phpBB is more robust to say the least, and the search function alone will make the old board (other than all the lost info…boo), seem archaic for those of us who post regularly…and need to find info too.

    I’ve worked a lot of hours for free over my life (thousands, at least), and as the saying goes "Only he who carries the sack truly knows it’s weight."


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    20min setup time I have done this too



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    Chris thanks for taking time to get things up and running again


    how is it motors multiply when the garage lights get
    turned off?

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