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  • george-cantabene

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    Hey Chris.

    Thanks so much for doing this. With the move & your wedding you are one busy guy.I wish that I could help you in some way. Im no web sesigner but feel free to ask for any assistance I can give to you.

    Thanks again,


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    Thanks Chris – You do FANTASTIC work



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    Chris, your hard work is very much appreciated! THANKS!!

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    Thanks for all you do for us Chris. I was concerned that my level of computer illiteracy may prevent me from getting on this new board, but I guess I got lucky.

    Please ignore some of the more negative comments that you have received in the past few weeks. Anyone who has volunteered to support one area or another of AOMCI knows that your hard work comes from the love of our hobby. I have always had the attitude that if someone thinks they can do a better job, then they should volunteer. The pay is the same for volunteers as non-volunteers.

    It is a human characteristic to be resistant to change. As I get older, I continue to become concerned that my low level of computer expertise may leave me out of the exchanges. Hopefully, I will become more proficient with this new setup. Time will tell.

    Thanks again, Chris. I, for one, appreciate all of the personal time you devote to the club.

    Tom Oncken
    Indian Group Leader


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    Yes a big thanks to Garry Spencer for not replying to my e mail asking what happened & any guidance finding the site again, NOT!!
    Jeff Register


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    Well, time to restart my post count. ONE! 😆

    Seriously, thanks for bringing the the forums back online.

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