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      Tough life for an outboard in Siberia … watch the video all the way thru. ( a bit long but good). Anybody recognize any of those motors? Running those rocky rivers, one would do good to have the local shear pin concession.


      Joe B


        Enjoyed the video Joe! It gave me a good evening movie. Nothing on tv tonight. Are those diesel motors??


        David T.


          There was a discussion of the film HAPPY PEOPLE on the old blue board last fall, I think the full film (by Warner Herzog) was on Netflix.

          Seen in it are quite a few Whirlwinds, several Neptuns and what I think is a Bemepok. There are several members in the USA that have Whirlwinds (also called Vihor or Vortex) I did a write-up on my website about the one I have, here’s the link:


          These motors are beasts – but rugged beasts since you can see what they need to go through!


            Heres my Vihor 30 in action last year. Vihor (Whirlwind/Vortex) Riptide 30 Вихрь-30 Outboard on water after car…: https://youtu.be/uD53xXq4JJc


              US Member

              Definitely a lot more entertaining than current TV fare. Seeing those rapids reminded me of being on the Allagash River in northern Maine. I’ve hit a lot of rocks with the ’57 5.5hp Johnson but never sheared a pin, however, there are more than a few prop blades scattered among those rocks. Thanks for sharing. Makes me long for the next river trip.

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