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      Has anyone had problems with usps? My friend semt m a check for omc parts & I need to sign for it. The post office said it was delivered yesterday, not true, I was at the doc’s office. Anyone eles? Gow could I sign for it not being home???


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        I’ve recently had some problems with usps tracking not updating at all and on other deliveries with a package reaching one distribution center along the delivery route and then just sitting there for 2 or 3 days before it gets sent out to the next stop along the way.   It seems lately like deliveries generally take longer than reasonably expected.


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          I had paperwork mailed to me that I had to sign for. Just showed up in my mailbox without a signature. I stayed home all day to sign for it but no one ever rang the doorbell. The sender contacted the local postmaster to complain and got the “since Covid, the carrier initials for it.”

          Why spend the extra money to send something that way when all they do is stick it in your mailbox!


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            I figured out on parts that if it’s free shipping they don’t get in a hurry. It will sit. It’s probably third,forth or last class mail.


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              I ordered a seal from an eBay seller who shipped by USPS.  It was predicted to arrive March 21.  USPS tracked the package as far as their southern Maine distribution center in Scarborough Maine then tracking stopped around March 24.    No explanation just lost.  I received a refund via eBay.  I think it was from the Seller although none of this was his error.


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                Louis DeJoy was appointed head postmaster with the purpose of “modernizing” the USPS.Under his direction,regional distribution centers are being shut down.Employee morale  is at an all time low.Welcome to the modernized PO.

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                  hey.. they are all the same it seems…  can’t ring a door bell making the parcel  easy to grab and run….

                  One kettle I ordered  from WM  was delivered to my local Office Depot store  instead of my local WM store  pick-up  desk ????  Of course my WM folks said they never received the parcel !!

                  I finally found  a picture  taken by the delivery guy showing the  OD store front as proof  of delivery to my WM store ??     I had to go   to the OD store to pick it up .

                  The good only part  is  WM issued a credit when complained  and latter when I informed them I had found the parcel at OD… they never got around to  recharge me for the kettle

                  🙂  Happy ending  !



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                    USPS took over delivering UPS packages
                    (that UPS delivered as far as the post office)
                    in my area, but I’m not sure what’s going on
                    I do know that the mail delivery person isn’t happy.

                    Prepare to be boarded!


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                      I defense of USPS , I have to say that they are 99.9 % reliable… sometimes slow and frustrating but the stuff almost always get’s to the destination.  The tracking system is “hit and miss” , sometimes you get point to point info, often it’s a “black hole” lack of info. Case in point… mailed an Easter goodie package to the G’kids (michigan to Kansas) , promised 3 day delivery… took a week and a half.  Then wifey mails a package to friend in Porto Rico  ( mich to PR) promised  two weeks, and it get’s there in three days… go figure.

                      Joe B

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                        Louis DeJoy was appointed head postmaster with the purpose of “modernizing” the USPS.Under his direction,regional distribution centers are being shut down.Employee morale  is at an all time low.Welcome to the modernized PO.

                        DeJoy was appointed to “achieve financial stability.”
                        “Postmaster General Louis DeJoy unveiled the largest rollback of
                        consumer mail services in a generation as part of his 10-year plan
                        for the U.S. Postal Service, including longer first-class delivery
                        windows, reduced post office hours and higher postage prices.”

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