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    So the other i finally started my 67 meteor evinrude a had it in a drum full of water, after it ran for a few seconds i noticed that i didn’t see any water shooting out of any relief holes. where would these motors shoot water from if the water pump is working . also noticed that muffs can’t be used on these outboards either because there isn’t any screen holes. so how can i tell if the water pump is working? and yes the engine was very hot to the touch.


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    There is an exhaust relief hole part way down the back of the midsection. Water will blow out that hole, the amount varying according to thermostat state, but always at least some water. Forget muffs, even if they would fit. You cannot test a water pump by running on muffs.


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    Like Franks says, muffs won’t work on this engine….Find a bucket with a large enough diameter and deep enough to fill with water over the connection between the exhaust housing and extension… Remove the prop, fill the bucket, and restest…

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