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AOMCI Junior Membership Program

The Executive Council is pleased to announce a new program. We have set up a Junior Membership program for the young interested person who wants to join the AOMCI.  Here

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We Are The Antique Outboard Motor Club

Collecting antique outbards since 1965
In 1866, the first outboard device was patented. Since that time, over 160 manufacturers have entered the industry – few remain. Names like Caille, Waterman, Walnut, Lockwood, Motorgo, Columbian, Gray and Ferro are all forgotten except at AOMCI.

Your membership in AOMCI will provide you with a rich mixture of personal associations and accomplishments. You’ll meet interesting new people while following leads provided by the Club to add motors to your collection; make new friends by joining a chapter of the Club in your area or by corresponding with other members and realize a great deal of satisfaction and pride from participating in displays, shows and Club Meets.

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The Outboarder

Active AOMCI Members contact our membership chair Dave Nau for all membership items at

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