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  • Al

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    1955 qd16
    what is 0302035 superceded to ? i ordered the o ring that goes over the bottom crankshaft bearing
    and marine engine sent me the wrong o ring the parts manual says 0302035 is for spacer to impeller housing o ring
    please look at the parts manual for crank shaft section ,item number7 . the 1957 parts manual is also wrong
    thanks for any help


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    Looks like they were using the same part number in 1963.

    1963 Sportwin O-Ring on Upper Crank Bearing?

    Marine Engine usually show the superceded parts numbers, if any.

    If you have the old one, you could try buying a buna o-ring from a hardware
    or auto parts store.

    Prepare to be boarded!


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    My 10hp (1959) original parts book sez 302035 is the number for the o-ring around the lower bearing and also for the lower end of the spacer. If ME is sending you the wrong size o-ring, their parts stock may be mixed up, wrong part in right stock box.


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    i think your right


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    Marineengine says that the carburetor on my 1981 Mercury 25HP is a Tillotson. Tillotson says it is not. So they are not exempt from making errors.


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    Well, isn’t this interesting! 302035 is shown as the P/N for the ten horse lower bearing outer seal O ring and I can’t find anything in my Superceded Parts List saying it isn’t so it should be a good number. Searching that number brings up an O ring for the water pumps on newer motors. The OD of the ten horse crank bearing is 1 1/4″ while the sizes I find listed for the water pump 0302035 O ring are shown as 7/8 X 1 1/8 X 1/8. Is it possible the same part number is being used for the newer O ring as the original O ring with that part number hasn’t been used since 1963?

    I think ME sent you the current O ring using that part number. Might be best to call them and see if they have any old stock with the same part number.





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    Very interesting indeed…Will be interested in hearing how this plays out…

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