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  • William MacNeill

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    Boat test for the Evinrude Sportsman 4416 2HP motor. Overall it runs really well. Thank you to The Boat House for all of your assistance. It was truly appreciated. Waiting on the pawls to come in so I can rebuild the recoil.



    Echo Lake - Pascoag, Rhode Island


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    Sounds really good!
    One of mine has a rewind, but it was annoying as it rattled so much.
    Not sure if it was the ring with the three holes, that goes over the pawls
    and their mounting post, but that’s what I suspect, as the holes were
    pretty sloppy.
    Hopefully yours is quiet.

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    After reading this thread a couple of times, I still don’t see what the actual problem and solution finally was?

    Long live American manufacturing!

    William MacNeill

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    It was not so much a problem but an understanding of the carb.  I missed cleaning out the port under the poppet valve and I had a coil that at first was providing spark that ended up eventually failing. The Boat House assisted me on both fronts pointing out the passage on the carb and  sources to look for a coil.  I ended up finding a used one on ebay.

    Echo Lake - Pascoag, Rhode Island

    The Boat House

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    All I did was suggest places for you to look.
    You did the work to make it run again and it
    runs well. I have a friend who has one of these
    that has much the same issued as yours. I cant
    seem to get him motivated to work on it. I’m
    sending him a link to you video. Maybe it will
    inspire him after seeing how well yours runs now..

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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