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    T.Bell… see if you join up you will have access to the AOMCI magazine where such issues and…solutions are covered 🙂

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    While Ben’s shock diagnosis could very well be the case, I would certainly explore simpler possibilities first….
    I guess I would start by changing the gear lube. Oftentimes, the shock will cause the upper bushing seal to crack allowing water into the gearcase. So, if you find burned/black lube, or water in the gearcase, then I would pull the gearcase down to inspect the shock and reseal…
    But, if the gear lube looks relatively clean, then I would explore fuel issues first. I would hate to have you pull that gearcase down and find no problems with the shock.
    I did watch your videos and posted responses there as well….
    It sure sounds like the engine is just shutting off, seems unlikely that both cylinders are losing spark. I can’t hear the engine that well, so it is hard to determine if the engine is struggling before it cuts out. See my youtube comments.
    Hopefully, your problem is a simple as a fuel/blockage issue. You had a glob of something in the filter, perhaps some of that stuff has made its way down the line and into the carb. The debris just floats along in the carb until it gets pulled into the high speed jet and temporarily plugs it. Once the engine stops, the debris falls out of the jet allowing it to run. The debris could also be under the inlet needle seat as well, blocking it every once in awhile….This will require some careful carburetor forensic work. In other words pulling the carb apart in a clean pan so you can trap the debris and actual confirm its presence. Do you have a jet removal screw driver? Trying to remove the fixed high speed jet without the proper tool can actual create more debris/damage.
    I guess I should have stated the most simple possibility first…You have mentioned that you have pumped the fuel bulb while it was running but it made no difference. But, were you actually pumping it right before the engine stalled out? There could be a fuel restriction, or an air leak in the system causing the engine to run out of fuel. The fuel pump could be shot, but usually it shows up at slower speeds first. Have you drained the fuel tank? There might just be some water in the bottom of the tank that is being sucked into the carb….
    Unfortunately, there are many possibilities here…
    Simple stuff like carb problem, air leaks, fuel system restrictions, water in fuel
    The engine is seizing due to overheat, or lack of lubrication
    The gearcase is binding up due to the shock problems that have been described.
    My only real advice is to start with the easy stuff. Drain/refill the gearcase first so we might have an idea which direction to head first….Don


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    and with cheap hoses…. flaking internally with ethanol degradation…. have you tried a new hose ? ( sorry… don’t want to read all the stuff again)

    the lining in some hoses just crumbles and chokes gas flow

    if you needto run a new clear line directly in the carb inlet (bypass the tank lines and pump) hold the small fuel above the engine while you retry the engine…

    if it does not die… you have a fuel flow restriction tank to carb

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    Of course I agree with everyone that recommends to check all the simple stuff first. It still sounds to me like the engine is being forcibly stalled out by drag. I do recommend going over all the simple stuff first as all that stuff needs to get addressed anyway in the process of making this motor a reliable runner again. Any of these motors with a shock absorber for the gearcase, in my opinion, needs to have that shock absorber inspected to make sure it isn’t wearing into the drive shaft bearing carrier as part of the service to bring it back to regular use. Maybe not everyone does that, but replacement bearing carriers are not getting any easier to find, so I want to prevent damage if I can. Do I take all.of mine apart before I run them? No, I do not. If it is one I plan to run a lot, however, I will inspect it and make sure it isn’t damaged already and in need of repair.

    Here is a link to a video I made showing how the shock absorber is accessed and what the parts should look like if they are not damaged and grinding together. The pictures I posted earlier shows what they look like when they have been grinding together.

    I hope this helps.

    OldJohnnyRude on YouTube


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    Many thanks , Ben. That was very helpful

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