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  • seakaye12

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    Wow.  That’s really sad.  Good to know though;  for most of us something like that happens so seldom that it is easy to not think about it and start taking chances.

    The Boat House

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    I don’t know anything about these but it may be necessary
    to balance the rotating mass. If the holes are staggered so
    it will only go on one way that is likely the case.

    Monte NZ

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    I remember my Dad telling of an  unforgettable  experience he new of  back in the late 1920s, of how a friend of his was going to loan a outboard to another friend to go fishing, but before loaning it to him, gave it a run in a tank to make sure it was running ok.  Unfortunately he over revved it and the flywheel disintegrated, hitting him in the chest, killing him instantly…….needless to say Dad was always reminding me of the accident when he heard me revving my motors!


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    Good thing your dad was not hit we would never have heard  about the acccident  🙂   Reading your text I assumed “him” was dad !

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    I have a friend that is missing one foot. chevy clutch/flywheel came apart on o street rod, he saved a few bucks by not installing a blow proof bellhousing.


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    got a few toes missing myself….from my lawnmower.   Now I wear  a 8.5 and 9.0 shoe   🙂    the first few seconds did not hurt… then pain exploded .. like flywheel.

    leave the ring on !

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    Thanks for the comments guys.  I  think I will leave the ring on for now.  I have had some experiences with stuff coming apart by centrifugal force.  Most were modified flywheels used in racing applications.  Many snowmobilers out there remember the clutch problems we had when the hobby was new.  We had to make scatter shields for any sled we raced.  The belts would blow and sometimes a track would let go.  This outboard is no racer and I suppose another five pounds lighter won’t mean beans.  Unless you are a bean counter!!


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