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      Evening guys, glad to see you all again, thanks Chris!

      I’m pulling apart the QD-15 I recently picked up so I can repaint it (horrible paint job on it).
      Serial number on it is 1092256, it has the simpler carb/shift lever, and it has the seahorse cast into the mid-unit on it. Hopefully all of those go with one particular year and they’re not parts from separate motors.

      I’m trying to gather information, and answer a couple questions.

      *I don’t think the lower unit is the right one for the motor, under the bad paint it’s not the sea-green color, it’s a whitish color. Is there anywhere I can look to check and see if everything matches?
      *Anyone have a manual?
      *I know I’m going to need a couple little hard parts for it, is there any source out there that might have random stuff, or am I going to have to just look at meets?
      *I think I need to replace the float for the carb, I know I need to replace the gasket/o-ring for the glass bowl. Is there a carb kit that would have those, or am I going to have to see what I can make work?

      I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but I’ll worry about them later.

      Glad to be back


        Check with Dan Gano for parts. He’s awesome.

        Steve D

          The carb kit isn’t going to have the gasket for the glass bowl. I recently bought one on ebay for $5, it’s part 303122. The carb kit is 439071, it has the newer float. Here are some pages from the manual that might help.

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            Carb kit 439071 is also the kit that I prefer. It has the black foam float that is supposedly ethanol resistant.

            I might be wrong, but I believe that the lower unit for a QD-15 should be held on with five cap screws as opposed to four cap screws on later models. If your LU has original white paint, then it may be a replacement from 1959 or later?

            There are a few guys in the club here that sell vintage parts, and they amaze me with some parts that are almost impossible to find elsewhere. Doug Penn, Dan Gano, Ed Elliot, and Ken Hall are the ones that I know.

            Steve D

              Those pages came right out of the QD-15 (1954) manual. They added the 5th bolt in ’55. The 4 bolt lower on the ’54 is not the same as the 4 bolt lower they used from ’58 and up. The ’58 and up won’t even bolt on. I don’t know where the whitish color would have come from on yours Mr. Asa. Maybe another faded paint job or primer from previous owner?


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                The lower unit was also used on Evinrude (blue) and Gale (color may vary according to store brand??)


                  It sounds like I have a ’54 model, then?

                  I will check for the carb kit later today.

                  I didn’t get a good example of the white paint in these pics, but I will later. If it is from a repaint then they completely stripped the paint before doing so.




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                    Mr Asa, I have some extra carb kits, coils, tune up kits, seal kits etc for those motors. If you need them let me know.

                    Dan in TN


                      I may take you up on that offer. Other than a handful of miscellaneous hard parts, I think I’m most likely going to need a full seal kit for the lower, a carb kit, and the gaskets you’d associate with pulling the powerhead from the tower.

                      The hard parts I know I’m going to need are all of the bolts required to attach the exhaust cover of the mid-unit to the powerhead (three of them snapped, motor might’ve started as a Michigan motor, but it didn’t end that way), and the parts listed in this pic. Not sure what you’d call the lower bolts, but the top is the shift linkage
                      If someone could post the pics of that section of the parts breakdown, as well as the powerhead, I’d appreciate it

                      I might find a couple others as I dig into it more.

                      Steve D

                        Don’t have time right now to scan and post those pages but will probably be able to get to it later on.

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