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      Wish I didn’t sell my $20 Elto Pal


        Mine was a 1958 Elgin 2hp. I found it in the basement of my grandmother’s house where it had been for about 15 years. It’s funny, today a 15 year-old motor doesn’t seem old at all, but back in 1973 it was considered ancient! 😉

        Back in 2005 Yankee Chapter members were asked to bring their first outboard to our formal meet to show. (See photo below) I think most everyone who’s interested in old outboards either still has their first outboard, or has gotten a replacement for it if it got away. It was one of the moat popular themes we ever did, I think we may try it again sometime!


          Evinrude Fastwin 18, Golden Jubilee, electric start.
          2nd was a Merc Mark 58a Super Thunderbolt.
          These were just motors I used for fishing not collectors. Wish I had them back sometimes….
          1st antique is a @1940 HandiTwin restoration in progress but I use it too.


            My first was a 1941 Evinrude sportsman single that I paid five dollars for in about 1960. I used that old motor almost every day. When I bought it, the old man told me that it was 1.5. Hp. I never knew until a couple of years ago that it was a 2hp. I would love to find a complete on to restore. A 1941 seems to be unusual. Bill


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              First one I actually owned was a Martin 60 that went for a swim in salt water. I fixed it up, but didn’t keep it very long. Second was a 1956 Scott-Atwater 16hp Bailamatic that had a blown powerhead. Rebuilt that one, but never got it to run right. Then a 1956 Gale Buccaneer 12. That was a good one that I ran a lot, including water skiing with it. Then a new 1957 25hp Buccaneer, then a 1958 35hp Johnson Super Sea Horse, then a 40hp Gale, then——and the show goes on.


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                First boat

                I believe my first motor was an Elto Ace

                Then I got a twin … . . . 😀


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                  1963 KE-4 1951-52 with a aj 57 2 bld. prop on a 8′ flat bottom hydroplane, still have both. It flew lite an fast.


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                    An Elgin 2-1/2 HP was the motor my Dad had and was the first one I successfully started. I still have it and it runs like a top.


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                      My first outboard was a 1953 Firestone 7.5hp. It flooded, jumped out of gear & overheated. Yes I still have it & runs well now & holds gearoil thanks to Frank Robb & his machining with two seals for the driveshaft. I must own 7 Firestones now & gave one away to a good friend. He repaired it & it runs now too. That was 1978 when I bought it for $135.00. Made it a point to use it while Dad was with me as he had a Scott too. I sure miss those days! 🙁


                        I remember a Mark 55 on a wood Elgin when I was a child. I also remember a Jon boat with a blue and white eska 3.5HP replaced by a 9.9 Gamefisher later.

                        My personal first outboard was a Elto Handitwin. Dad had it in shed as long as I can remember. I never thought much of it..beat up. My dad thought it was neat but
                        used it only once or twice. Years later I bought a portaboat. Needed little motor and dad dug it out. Frozen solid he said "Here , it’s yours now. Likely won’t ever run. Stick it on wall". I heard a challenge and rest is history. Runs great, will never leave my possession. I am always on fence about cosmetic restore.

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