RDE-17 25 hp 1955 Johnson-Drain hole (water) NOT drilled all the way through to

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  • outboardnut

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    Its not clogged
    The hole never did go through
    When i pry at the walls of the weep hole
    There is shiny aluminum


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    If you are seeing aluminum by poking and prying directly into the drain hole itself, that’s the inner wall of the cavity. The blockage is above the drain hole.



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    I believe the bottom weep hole is offset from the vertical drain hole a little ways,
    and that’s why you are seeing shiny metal when probing ……. I believe on mine,
    the vertical hole is a little off to the left of the weep hole.

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    Most of them are plugged. You could lay the motor down on it’s backside to drain the cavity before standing it up for winter storage.

    Be carefull what you do if it is not draining properly. I ruined a good 30 hp. johnson by carrying it with the power head aiming down going down a flite of steps. The hole was plugged and the water trapped in lower unit ran in a open port of the cylinder and over the time it was stored seized the motor.


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    Video sounds like you are tapping on a rock (or possibly but less likely a piece of steel) that is imbedded in the vertical passage somewhere above the horizontal exit. This is a fairly common problem in cleaning out those old passageways. I cleaned out a number of them years ago. I fabricated a long drill bit from a steel rod, flattened the tip and sharpened the edges. Imbedded rocks are the toughest to get out but lots of tapping, drilling and patience always worked in the end. I wouldn’t drill the drain/weep hole higher up. Very risky and it will advertise the problem you are having.

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    just measure. use the drill bit push it down grab it even with the top of the housing. remove it and put it along side the outside and see where it comes to the weep hole.


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    my little 4hp Merc had 2 inches of solidfied sand and crud before I broke trhough to the weep hole !! keep at it

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