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  • Beno

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    ok spring thaw is in route and the 140hp OMC is back on the plate!  I have two nephews interested in Skiing and tubing this July..

    When I  last visited this I had a cooling problem where the 140 would run a little
    hot and my theory is that the exhaust is pushing the cooling water (or at least
    preventing the cooling water from circulating well) so my current idea is to increase the
    pressure of the cooling water somehow..  suggestions?

    Im thinking electric pump inline… There are a number of electric 12 volt diaphragm pumps that I could use to boost the
    pressure but if they pull more electricity than the flywheel can generate then that idea is out.   the one I have on the shelf here is 1.6amps (25watts?)

    .8gpm (which I dont know if that’s accurate under load)

    So I guess the question is I’m on 140 horsepower OMC Evinrude how much electricity
    in Watts or amps does it put out at what RPMs?


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